05 November 2014

little quilt swap

i just finished making this mini quilt for my first ever quilt swap
over on instagram

made from the book Little Quilts 
by Sarah Fielke & Amy Lobsiger

this is where i started

i had one small problem with the instructions
where they did not provide precise measurements

this was my problem ... the arrows
first i made one too long - i think this was because i mis-read a bit
but when i made them according to the instructions, they ended up a quarter inch too small

so after wasting all of my favourite blue spot fabric, i had to pick a new fabric
then i made them a quarter inch longer
and it worked out pretty right ... this corner isn't perfect, but it's close

the posting date isn't until 17 November 
so i have to time to find some goodies to go with it

i'm so impressed with myself for actually finishing with time to spare 
instead of being up to the wee hours the night before the deadline

my swap partner is in the UK
i really enjoyed making something for someone i don't know
on the other side of the world
and i can't wait to see what i receive

i think i'll do it again

16 August 2014

pink and raspberry tilda

it's finished

i started this top over a year ago
i put it in my ufo drawer, and there it stayed

until three months ago
when i decided, it was time for it to be quilted
it took me three days to finish it

then, there it was, done
but again, there it stayed unfinished with no binding, until last week

i decided on a solid for the binding

and in case you were wondering, it's backed in raspberry spots
this quilt is very very pink!

as with most quilts - they have a story, and this one is no different ...

this quilt started out being the first one i was making for ME, just ME, all for ME, but sewing for me will have to wait

a week ago my favourite great aunt, Grace, found herself in hospital after a fall. at 90 years old her mind is as sharp as a tack but unfortunately her body is failing her and she has had a few falls lately.  her doctors decided she wasn't able to go home to live on her own

she is absolutely devastated at the thought of living out her life in a nursing home knowing she will never return to the home she filled with so many memories of fun and laughter shared with family and friends.  she has always been the life of the party, always naughty and up to mischief, so it's hard to think of her feeling such hopelessness and sadness.  unfortunately she lives in another state and i can't quickly or easily drop around to see her

her favourite colour is pink and i when i looked at this quilt, i knew it belonged to Grace, not me.  

she hasn't received it yet but i hope when she does she wraps herself up in it and she will feel wrapped in my love knowing she is cherished, important and needed ... and smiles again 

08 August 2014


epp is definitely my favourite quilting technique

downside - it's a bit time consuming
upside - once you've finished you have something that is fantastic and unique and beautiful

i do love my sewing machine but i hate being chained to a desk
epp can be done anywhere with next to no equipment, no rulers or rotary cutters 
and you don't have to make every cut and every quarter inch seam, perfect

you just need a pair of scissors, a needle and thread

these tiny half inch hexies are made from my scrap bin
to make it quicker, i glue basted them

i stitched these ones together and put them in a frame

i've also been working on a double wedding ring
it's not as hard as i thought it was going to be

i rummaged through my scrap bin again 
and found lots of pretty fabrics i just couldn't throw away

i decided on this layout

i've never really appliqu├ęd before
i had no idea what i was doing so i tried it this way 
i figured i'd have less stabs from the pins if i used safety pins
and i thought the frame would help

i was wrong

so thanks to the help of some IG friends

i used lots of straight pins and it was much better
it really stayed in place, and i didn't stab myself too much

i made it into a cushion cover
maybe next i'll try a whole quilt

 this is how it turned out
my daughter loves it so she's taken it for her own

27 April 2014

quilting and cool quilters

over the last year i have discovered a whole world of fresh and funky quilters
who use great fabrics and have mad design skills

if you are a newbie quilter like me
here's a few that have completely blown me away
with their talent and skill

katy jonesmonkey do
katy hosts a quilting series called quilt monkey for QNNtv 
and does tonnes of other quilty stuff too
basically i think she is fab, cool and talented

jessie finchammessyjesse
jessie is a quilter
she is my absolute favourite for fabric and colour choices
she has an online shop called sew and quilt

rita hodgered pepper quilts
rita makes fabulous quilts
and she shares excellent quilting tutorials on her blog

amy sinibaldinanaCompany
amy designs embroidery and other crafty and quilty projects
she has great taste in fabric

camille roskelley - simplify
camille teams up with her mum to design fabric
she also designs some of the most loved quilt patterns out there

they have all been so valuable in my quilting journey
with their words of quilting wisdom and tutorials

i send a great big thank you to each of you

19 April 2014

paper plane quilt

it's finished, i like it and today it's off to it's new owner

i was really starting to hate this quilt top

not the paper plane piecing, i loved that part

i just thought it was too plain, too boring
maybe i just looked at it too long

i decided it was too big so i cut it down
partly because i wanted it to fit my backing fabric *lazy*
and partly because it's a baby quilt not a single bed quilt

my biggest hurdle - i didn't know how i was going to quilt it
i wanted something simple

i drew all over it, to see what looked good but didn't like anything
so i just stuck it in my machine and decided i'd think on the go
a bit risky for a beginner like me

it turned out the best decision
i did a straight subway tile pattern and i think it looks perfect

not great lighting for photos today
but at least you get the idea

i love the backing for this quilt
its  pretty special by faye burgos

i used a yellow gingham for the binding
unlucky for me, the joins in the binding ended up being right on the corners *argh*

if you're interested in trying a paper plane yourself
the pattern is by the very talented Kristy @ Quiet Play
you can find her patterns here
and here's a direct link to her paper plane pattern

27 March 2014

the quilty world

a year ago, a friend of mine asked me to go with her to a quilting class at my local quilting store
i blogged about it when i had just started
i was a bit unsure.  i loved quilts, yes, but a quilting class. really?

i always thought quilting was for old ladies sitting around drinking tea
and talking about old lady stuff

while i have absolutely no objection to tea drinking,
i thought quilting was a bit daggy,
involved a huge commitment 
and i really wasn't that good a sewist

a year down the track and i have truly surprised myself at how much i love it 
i have sewn more in the last year than ever

i have a discovered a whole new world of quilters on IG and
via blogs that i never knew were out there

it really isn't that daggy after all
quilting can be modern, cool and fun
who knew?
apparently all those other modern, cool quilters

so in the year that i discovered quilting
i completed this quilt in the class - a traditional sampler block quilt
well worth it for the skills learned

i've also made a few other quilts
they are just simple quilts
but i really really love square patchwork quilts so much
i will have to see if my taste changes

and i also have a few works in progress
which appears to be completely normal in the quilty world

i'm just about to quilt this one in the next couple of days
it's a baby gift

i've made some more progress on this christmas star quilt
but this is the last photo i have

this one just needs a border and it's good to go
well, ready to quilt

and finally this one
i'm in the middle of hand quilting with perle 8 thread

i'm thinking not a bad effort for a newbie

i've also been making a whole stack of other stuff
here's a few of my other handmades from this year

24 March 2014

reginald competition 2014

if you follow me on instagram or Facebook you will already know that i entered the reginald competition held by the CAE in melbourne

reginald is a softie portrait competition
you choose someone you admire and create a softie portrait of them

i decided that i would make dame enda everage

her persona is so great, i knew she would be fun to recreate in softie form

the process started with choosing a photo
i loved this classic edna expression

i drew some sketches

made up a pattern

then she started to come together

she NEEDS a dress

but she isn't edna without some sparkle and glitz
so i pimped her dress

and the rest of her,
until she sparkled so much you could see her from the moon

( don't look too close, she isn't quite finished.  can you spot what's missing? )

unfortunately, edna didn't make the top 12,
but i highly recommend you take a look at the finalists
they are fabulous

you can vote for your favourite up until 12 midday, wednesday, 2 april 2014
click here to see the finalists and vote