17 September 2015

a quilt, a doll and a dame

i've entered a quilt into a competition - the royal melbourne show

it's the first quilt competition i've ever entered 
 i'm not sure if i'm ready
i'm excited and a bit scared about what they are going to say
it's far from perfect

i'm really happy with my piecing, but my quilting leaves a lot to be desired, 
quilting is the least liked parts of making quilts for me

i think i need to make friends with a local longarm quilter
why doesn't trudi wood live in melbourne?
she's my favourite longarmer in the whole world

i've only been quilting for 2 1/2 years so i know i still have a lifetime of stuff to learn
but competitions are fun and having a deadline is helpful 

it's a giant dresden plate
the pattern is by lynne goldsworthy of lilysquilts

i've also made an entry for the handmade doll section
this one will be donated to the children's hospital after the competition
this isn't a first, i do this each year

she's so cute
i hope she is loved by her new owner

and that panda brooch ... i need to make another one of those

 i'm also entering the dame edna doll i made for the reginald competition
just because she's a bit of a show off ...
and she's so sparkly!

i was going to enter her last year, but i was away in new york (how awful)
so she stayed at home, in her little house in moonee ponds

i hope she makes the judges laugh